samedi 13 mai 2023

Why my games are disappearing from Android

 I made my game as clean as possible, meaning without tracking, nasty IAP or Ads... But I also use Unity, that has a tracking on its own. So for all my Unity games on Android, I need to have a privacy policy, which is what you have on this blog, linked from the Play store page.

But now the privacy policy should also be into the games, which is something I am not sure I really want to do, for 2 reasons: 1 - It's near impossible to earn anything from apps on Android, especially when trying to play fair (i.e. not unlimited IAP, no paywall, ...), and 2 - It's nasty to update an app on Android, as Google updates and breaks stuff regularly. Unity being a bit of a mess as well, it is not so interesting...

For Nyaf there is actually a 3rd reason. I have a major update on the work for the PC version, and if I do an update on Android, it might get some of the new things from the PC (not all as it would be too slow and too big for a smartphone. The original Nyaf was optimized to be light enough for smartphone. Moving to the PC was the excuse to add many cool stuff, even when it's not obvious (like high-quality encoding of the musics).

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