mardi 19 septembre 2023

The Filter Shop - breaking the existing rules

 The Filter Shop is mostly 2 things:

- a place to filter out the good from the bad :), and the filters can be good or bad, and will by default be in front of anything if they apply. So a game with many ads will get a "Too Many Ads" filter at the top. And the filter will explain what it means and what we suggest to fix it or to break it if it's a good one, in case you want to go to the dark side... I heard they have cookies.

- a place to push in the spotlight the less popular game and from the smallest team (all included, so no solo dev with a past in the game industry backed-up by a big publisher).

So the initial idea is to highlight one game each week when (if?) the filter shop is popular enough, eventually each day if it is super-popular. But right now it's unknown, so I don't want to highlight a game only for one week. But that's ok, as we already use a counter for finding the games to highlight. So the idea is to show a game a certain number of time, then go to the next.

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