mardi 27 octobre 2020

NYAF Press Kit


NYAF Press Kit

NYAF is an enjoyable and relaxing experience featuring fantastic music and sounds recorded by the developer, his son and a friend. The game contains a full automatic save so you can quit at any time without losing your progress.

"NYAF is also a different hidden object game, where the engaging music together with the fluid control create a fluid experience", says Alain Becam. “I tried to make the game very dynamic”.

The backgrounds and the characters of NYAF are all hand painted and unique, some scanned from 1 by 1 meters canvas, from the artist Sébastien Lesage. The originals on canvas glow in the dark, thus the light green colour.

The pieces of music are from several great musicians, Chris Huelsbeck, Chan Redfield, Chris Collins, LiQWYD, Alexander Nakarada, Jean-Philippe Rameau and have been selected to match the current stage/game.

NYAF is also 4 games in one: NYAF, MMPG, YANYAF and a secret one! Play NYAF to unlock the other games, 2 will get unlocked by progressing in it, for the last one you need to find the secrets.

  • Find the hidden characters on hand painted backgrounds. 
  • Select between 8 levels of difficulties.
  • Earn coins that you can use to buy 2 dogs that help you find the hidden characters.

  • Battle the opponent in a massive minimalist fighting game. 
  • Unlock units by playing the other games.
  • Your units are placed automatically for you but you can always erase them to put them at another place. 
  • Use brute force to get more units or try to go as far as possible being a strategist. 
  • Once a level has been won, you can unlock it.

  • Find the small symbols in an infinity of generated backgrounds.
  • No goal, no ending just for those who want a challenge looking for tiny symbols.

Additional Information

About Alain Becam
An independent developer in Heidelberg, Germany, he started programming when he was 11 years old, always mixing game and science-related programming, and never stopped since. After his studies he did 4 years of R&D in Game development, then worked on serious gaming for a short while, before a long pause from full time game development to work in an international institution. He never fully stopped developing games and other tools, from a naval war game ( to a powerful but ugly name generator ( with many in between, like a collection of stereoscopic 3D experiments for the now-defunct auto-stereoscopic HTC EVO3D. NYAF is his first leap to Steam.

vendredi 16 octobre 2020

YAF - Privacy Policy

We do not collect any information of any kind ourselves. We only want our customers to enjoy the game and have fun.
There is no login.

YAF is written using Unity. Unity does a minimum collection of the user's hardware information and offers optional advanced analytics, that we do use in YAF and Days of The Tokens (but not in the other games). This game also use Unity Ads.

Please consult Unity's Privacy Policy for more details.
As of the time of writing, the 30th August 2020, it is summarised in "1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)", "I play a game built with Unity software, what should I know?", 1st and 2nd paragraphs:

"Some Unity developers use Unity’s Analytics and Ad services" -> We do
"Some Unity developers may collect your information independent of Unity." -> We don't.

As we use Unity Ads, please consult the full policy for all details.