lundi 11 mai 2020

THGE - Privacy Policy

We do not collect any information of any kind ourselves. We only want our customers to enjoy the game and have fun.
There is no login or ads.

THGE/THGE Free is written using Unity. Unity does a minimum collection of the user's hardware information and offers optional advanced analytics, that we do not use.
Please consult Unity's Privacy Policy for more details.
As of the time of writing, the 11th Mai 2020, it is summarised in "1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)", "I play a game built with Unity software, what should I know?", 1st paragraph only:

"Some Unity developers use Unity’s Analytics and Ad services" -> We don't
"Some Unity developers may collect your information independent of Unity." -> We also don't.

And more details can be found in "3. Information We Collect (Depending on the Product or Service)", "Information that is passively collected by Unity (often automatically), including:", under the topic "User device information: When you play a game built with Unity Software, Unity may collect some or all of the following information when you use the game:". Their usage is detailed in the next part, "4. How We Use the Information We Collect or Receive".

Aside from the minimum collection from Unity, we do not use any tracking/collection API or code. We also do not have access to the data collected by Unity about your usage of THGE.

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