jeudi 25 janvier 2024

The filter shop - working on the CSS

So I jump from project to project, but I am finally back to the filter shop. And would like to find my way with the styling. I am a veteran Software Developer and as such like light application, i.e. everything opposed to many modern web dev, mostly front-end frameworks. And I am really not happy with a 1mb HTML page, 150 trackers, 600kb CSS file (minimised) and 10 Javascripts files.
Yep, I like to have a non-tracking HTML with the minimum needed, no tracker (but to be honest you do sometime need one or two professionally, as you might need to know the traffic), and the minimum needed for CSS and Javascript, so maybe around 100Kb all together.

So I will probably grind my way through CSS, starting with my fantastic gfx assets, in preview below. If you read that and know you can do better, please don't hesitate to contact me ;)
The filters:
The title: